November 2018

Foot Orientation Apparatus for 3D Foot Scanning

New from PAL Heath Technologies is the Foot Orientation Apparatus (patent pending, serial number 62/739,962) to be used with PAL’s Xtremity 3D foot scanner. The lightweight and portable apparatus was developed to obtain subtalar neutral positioning of the foot, ensuring foot scans are more accurate for the physician and more comfortable for the patient. Created specifically for the foot care industry, Xtremity 3D is an all-in-one solution for creating digital scans of patients’ feet using an advanced imaging accessory on an iPad. Using Xtremity 3D eliminates casting time and shipping costs by providing practitioners with digital accuracy in mapping the foot. This, in turn, provides quick turnaround times for the production of orthoses, braces, and diabetic inserts.

PAL Health Technologies


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