June 2021


KT Recovery+ Wave™ (KT Wave™) is a clinically proven, FDA-cleared wearable device that uses electromagnetic technology to provide patients a convenient, on-the-go solution for drug-free pain relief from sports injuries, knee pain, arthritis, back pain, sprains, and more. KT Recovery+ Wave uses sensation-free electromagnetic pulses, known clinically as pulsed shortwave therapy (PSWT), to reduce nerve hypersensitivity and relieve pain. The device itself is a lightweight, discreet, flexible loop that is user-friendly: simply pull off the tab on the back of the KT Wave and press the button to turn it on. It can be secured to the body using the enclosed pieces of adhesive, centering the painful area within the loop. KT Wave works sensation-free, using PSWT to calm sensitive nerves, pulsing non-thermal, low-energy electromagnetic signals deep into tissue, muscles, and joints to target the nerves where pain is present.

KT Tape


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