August 2009

Medi USA PT Control

Medi USA LP Launches PT® Control

Whitsett, NC, May 20, 2009. Medi USA receives favorable Medicare reimbursement for the PT® Control, which is a knee brace designed to ease the pain and aid in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from significant patella tracking conditions and all indications requiring controlled patella movement with controlled range of knee motion.  “The assignment of reimbursement code L1832 to the PT® Control knee brace means that the PT® Control is now accessible to more patients suffering from significant knee problems related to the patella,” stated Edward Wilbourne, Orthopaedic Division Manager of Medi USA. The PT® Control protects, stabilizes and controls patella while increasing range of motion and reducing pain.

The patented PT® Control ensures proper motion of the patella and knee movement with the use of an integrated hinge and patella control mechanism. The innovative design limits flexion and extension and safeguards against hyperextension. The ultra-flat, lightweight and non-protruding malleable hinge bar design offers a streamlined look and feel while offering increased comfort and compliance. The Physioglide® hinge closely matches the movement of the knee joint and reduces downward pressure minimizing migration, the leading cause of complaints among knee brace wearers. The support material of the brace is manufactured using Medi airtex® which is a breathable and moisture wicking fabric designed to provide all day comfort.  The PT® Control is available in six sizes in either right or left versions.

“Better fit means better outcomes,” says Ed Wilbourne, “Medi USA is committed to bring the most innovative and clinically tested products to market.”

Medi USA is a worldwide leader in medical compression and orthopedics for more than 80 years. Medi USA offers a full line of compression stockings, therapeutic and support hosiery as well as a complete line of prescription and over-the-counter  orthopedic products. Medi USA products are designed to treat musculoskeletal deficiencies with specific emphasis placed on joint function, pain treatment, protection and rehabilitation.

For more information about Medi USA and the PT® Control, visit or call 1-800-633-6334.

6481 Franz Warner Pkwy. #30000
Whitsett, NC 27377

Edward Wilbourne, National Orthopedic Division Manager

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  1. Dmitriy says:

    Hello,I am from Russia.I wanna buy your product ” Medi Pt Control” for right leg.My size:M.Can you send it in Russia,Moscow?I can pay by credit card.How much it for me?And how long time it can take?Thank you.

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