October 2020

Adapttech Introduces the INSIGHT System

INSIGHT from Adapttech is now available in North America through Cascade Orthopedic Supply. The system is designed to improve the socket fitting process involved with lower-limb prostheses. INSIGHT combines a 3D scanner, sensors, wearable technology, and a mobile app to make it faster and easier to reach a comfortably fitting prosthesis and monitor a patient’s rehabilitation process. The scanner creates a 3D model of the inner surface of the socket in less than 90 seconds. The wearable device uses sensors to gather real-time data between the residual limb and the socket. The mobile app shows the clinician where issues are occurring in the 3D model, and also allows results to be registered and assessed at any time and in any place. With INSIGHT, prosthetists can anticipate and finalize changes to the socket from the first visit.

Adapttech Ltd.

800/888-0865 (Cascade Orthopedic Supply)


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