July 2019

FlexInFit Sensorized Sole System

FlexInFit, for the evaluation of foot pressure inside the shoe, completes the biomechanical and postural analysis in conjunction with the freeMed platforms and Runtime treadmill from Sensor Medica. With 214 sensors in each shoe, the system precisely analyzes foot pressure in real time and can record data for up to 4 hours. FlexInFit is a versatile tool with many applications, for many professions: from the foot specialist who wants to integrate a gait analysis system to the physiotherapist who wants to check the real results of therapy, and from the athletic trainer interested in the study and improvement of sports movements to the physician interested in assessing pressure points inside the shoe to prevent the formation of ulcers in diabetic patients. FlexInFit can also be used to determine the efficacy of orthotic correction. The device is wireless and junction-box free to avoid interference with natural movements.

Sensor Medica



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