March 2020

Balance, Stability, Accuracy, Distance, Comfort

The new SQAIRZ golf shoe features a less rounded, squarer toe box, which helps the golfer with alignment on every shot. The geometry of the toe box also provides room for the toes to sit naturally in the shoe and facilitates proper range of motion for the feet. The base under the forefoot is 2mm wider than most other golf shoes, providing additional balance and stability. The wider base and larger surface area of the outsole allow cleats to be positioned directly under the pressure points exerted on the bottom of the feet during the golf swing. A custom cushioned insole offers additional comfort, and a heel stabilizer centers the foot in the shoe to help prevent rollover injuries. The “sta-put” laces form the shoe to the top of the foot, locking it in place. The shoes are waterproof and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.



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