March 2011

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Upstanding interventions: Falls prevention in O&P

Devices that improve proprioception, balance, and biomechanics can help patients avoid the significant morbidity and mortality associated with falls. But in some cases, a device may actually increase risk. That’s why matching the right intervention to the right patient is essential.

By Cary Groner

Editor Message

Out on a limb: Up in arms at AAOS

Many of us were surprised by how cold it was in San Diego this past February. But nobody got an icier reception at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons than Alexandra Soroceanu, MD.

by Jordana Bieze Foster, Editor

Feature Articles

Effect of foot function on landing mechanics

Malalignment or dysfunction of the foot can increase the risk of landing-related trauma such as ACL injury, but the biomechanical effects of foot orthoses and bracing may decrease that risk.

By Douglas Powell, PhD, and Nicholas J. Hanson, MS

Unstable shoe designs: Functional implications

Use of unstable footwear to strengthen the typically underused small muscles of the foot and ankle can help improve posture and gait,  potentially decreasing pain and risk of injury.

By Scott Landry, PhD

VASCULAR VIEWPOINT: Compression therapy and the DVT epidemic

Despite established indications, compression therapy is widely underutilized in all settings of  venous thromboembolism due to a substantial education gap among practitioners.

By Marlin W. Schul, MD, MBA, RVT

Plantar loads influence knee osteoarthritis risk

Research suggests that redirecting ground reaction forces relative to the knee joint’s rotational center can be achieved by repositioning the foot through a number of different mechanisms.

By Roy H. Lidtke, DPM, CPed

Bunion research focuses on patient quality of life

The effect of hallux valgus on a patient’s quality of life starts with a frustrating inability to find fashionable shoes that fit—but evidence suggests it doesn’t end there.

By Larry Hand

Biomechanical precepts define 21st century yoga

Evidence-based standardization of yoga postures will improve outcomes and acceptance. Downward facing dog offers an opportunity to illustrate the underlying alignment precepts.

By Ginger Garner, MPT, ATC

Nutritional management of diabetic neuropathy

Most practitioners are aware that controlling glucose levels through diet is one way to manage symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. What’s less widely known is that there is also evidence to support the use of nutritional supplements in the same patient population.

By David Shofler, DPM and Jonathan Labovitz, DPM, FACFAS

Industry News & Updates

Featured Products


Gurnick Podiatry Supply offers the FootBufferPro for everyday foot hygiene and foot comfort, particularly for patients with such dermatologic issues as tinea pedis, hyperhydrosis, bromhidrosis, and onychomycosis. Designed for use in the shower or tub, the FootBufferPro is a double-sided durable sponge and buffer. The sponge side is infused with a gentle cleanser that moisturizes, soothes and softens soles, while the buffer surface gently exfoliates. The creamy lather will last ...

Zotefoams Evazote EV30 Foam

Zotefoams has responded to medical industry customer request by adding Healthcare Pink to the available colors in its Evazote EV30 foam. Plastazote polyethylene foam has been available for many years in Healthcare Pink, which is the most requested color for medical and healthcare applications. Now Evazote EV30 grade is also available in this popular color. Evazote ethylene copolymer foam is tougher and more resilient than polyethylene foams, yet has a ...

Offloading Hawk C-Brace

Ward Medical Innovations offers the patented Hawk (Heightened Above Weight Keeper) C-Brace. The Hawk C-Brace is an orthopedic brace designed to off-load the entire foot and ankle, facilitating ulcer healing in patients with diabetes. Worn on the lower leg, the Hawk C-Brace transfers the load of the patient’s body weight from the bottom of the foot and the ankle to the calf. It is easily removed to allow for range ...

ALPS EZ Flex Liner

ALPS new EZ Flex Liner is designed to provide greater elasticity over the patella while limiting the vertical stretch posteriorly. An anterior fabric with unlimited stretch reduces pressure on the knee, while a posterior fabric with 80% less vertical stretch than other ALPS gel liners minimizes pistoning. The flexibility of the anterior fabric reduces the amount of energy required to flex the knee while minimizing bunching of the liner behind ...

The Knead Myofascial Tool

The Knead is a multi-adaptable soft tissue mobilization tool for myofascial release that can be used to treat post-op rehabilitation, post injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, muscle tightness and shortening, and post-exercise soreness. Using The Knead can help to restore normal joint function by relaxing contracted muscles, increasing circulation, increasing lymphatic drainage, breaking up fascial adhesions and stimulating the stretch reflex of the muscles and fascia. ...

Activity Specific Running Sock

Thorlos, an originator of activity specific socks, introduces the Thorlos 84N Runner sock. The sock is specifically designed for the serious runner, especially the runner in pain, providing maximum pad protection with minimal weight. The Thorlon acrylic pad technology under the ball and heel and over the toes reduce pressure and shear and help prevent  blisters and “black toe.” The LycraFresh FX fabric sock frame is lightweight, contoured at the ...

Slip-resistant Z-Coil Footwear

For all-day comfort on the job, even on wet, slippery floors, Z-Coil now offers new slip-resistant versions of its two most popular footwear styles: the Freedom athletic shoe and the Z-Walker lace-up Oxford. The outsoles of both the Freedom SR and Z-Walker SR were found in independent testing to exceed the minimum slip-resistance standard of 0.5 COF (coefficient of friction) set by the U.S. Postal Service. Both the SR and ...

Custom O&P Artwork

Global Tattoo Orthotic Prosthetic Innovations (GTOPI) offers Airbrushed Prosthetic Ink Technology, a unique way for O&P device users to express themselves with color and art. High quality art work is applied to braces and prosthetic sockets using a process similar to custom car painting. The result is a personalized design of the client’s choosing, including custom art or even personal digital photos. According to GTOPI founder Dan Horkey, the art ...

Schwartz Carbon Fiber AFO

New from Spinal Solutions is the Schwartz Dynamic Carbon Fiber Ankle Foot Orthosis. This floor-reaction AFO was developed in conjunction with Nathan Schwartz, DPM, a board certified surgeon and podiatrist. By making the traditional “in-shoe” device an integral part of the shoe, the Schwartz AFO is designed to minimize fitting issues and maximize patient compliance. The dynamic, floor reaction carbon fiber footplate is stronger and weighs less than traditional plastics, ...

Tru-Ice Cold Therapy

Health Enterprises introduces new Tru-Ice cold therapy for sprains, strains, arthritis, tendinitis, and plantar fasciitis. Tru-Ice provides cold therapy in five to seven minutes, one-third the time of an ice bag, to help reduce swelling and relieve pain. The ergonomic, reusable design is easy to use on a knee, ankle, or foot. Thanks to its plastic liner, Tru-Ice cold therapy provides the full therapeutic benefit of ice without the mess associated ...

Silifoam Hook Fastening Material

WBC Industries, a materials supplier to the orthotic and prosthetic professions, offers the new Silifoam Hook material as a specialty hook-channeled alternative for O&P device fastening needs. The hook-channeled, soft coated foam material is designed for close to the skin applications. The soft, plush Silifoam Hook material is available with or without a non-slip silicone backing, which is useful for cases where migration is an issue. Available in black, the ...

Custom Molded Diabetic Insert

Levy & Rappel announces the release of the Levy-Diabetic insole, a custom molded product that is machine-milled for added efficiency and cost savings that are passed on to the practitioner. The Levy-Diabetic custom molded full contact diabetic inserts are 100% manufactured from your patient cast or foam impression.  The 35 durometer EVA base layer provides superior balance and support while the 3/16” soft pink plastazote topcover offers complete protection and ...