March 2011

Slip-resistant Z-Coil Footwear

For all-day comfort on the job, even on wet, slippery floors, Z-Coil now offers new slip-resistant versions of its two most popular footwear styles: the Freedom athletic shoe and the Z-Walker lace-up Oxford. The outsoles of both the Freedom SR and Z-Walker SR were found in independent testing to exceed the minimum slip-resistance standard of 0.5 COF (coefficient of friction) set by the U.S. Postal Service. Both the SR and non-SR  versions feature a conical steel coil in the heel to reduce shock, extra-thick cushioning to protect the forefoot, and a built-in orthotic for arch support and pressure distribution.



One Response to Slip-resistant Z-Coil Footwear

  1. Candice says:

    I love my Z-coil shoes however I would like to say that the slip-resisitant shoes arent quite as slip-resistant as I though they would be. I’m a chef and being in the kitchen with non slip shoes is required. I understand that there are some things that are impossible not to slip on, but with my past (uncomfortable) non slip shoes I didnt have a problem walking on the same surfaces with out slipping. I am happy to say that my back, knee and feet problems have gone away after changing to the Z coil shoe. Its been a tremendous help especially being on my feet all day! Thank You!

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