May 2022

Freedom ShockWave Prosthetic Foot

The ShockWave™ uses the existing Freedom foot design with its proprietary EnduraCore® hybrid composite technology to provide durability, flexibility, and strength for high energy return, more natural motion, reduced pain, and less fatigue. The Spherical Shock Unit provides vertical shock relief and axial rotation, working in harmony with the Freedom foot design to provide K3/K4 patients with a smooth experience. The axial torsion allows seamless rotation, improving comfort, stability, and confidence even on varied terrain. Shock absorption at heel strike reduces stress on the residual limb. Axial rotation of +/- 15 degrees reduces socket pressure and allows for quick pivoting in a seamless motion. Full-length heel and keel initiates plantar flexion at heel strike for better ground compliance and maximized energy return. Split keel and heel delivers added motion. Bolt-less design eliminates dead spots and weak structural areas, resulting in a lighter and more reliable foot.



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