March 2011

Schwartz Carbon Fiber AFO

New from Spinal Solutions is the Schwartz Dynamic Carbon Fiber Ankle Foot Orthosis. This floor-reaction AFO was developed in conjunction with Nathan Schwartz, DPM, a board certified surgeon and podiatrist. By making the traditional “in-shoe” device an integral part of the shoe, the Schwartz AFO is designed to minimize fitting issues and maximize patient compliance. The dynamic, floor reaction carbon fiber footplate is stronger and weighs less than traditional plastics, and a streamlined design makes the AFO cosmetically less obtrusive than traditional devices. A rocker bottom propels the patient at toe-off.

Spinal Solutions


One Response to Schwartz Carbon Fiber AFO

  1. Robert Meier says:

    i’m not sure how a posterior shell can be referred to as a “floor reaction” AFO. It seems to me that liberties are being taken to enhance the appeal of a product. Words mean something, and the improper application of a term confuses the language of orthotic intervention.

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