October 2020

Warm Series Insoles: Never Get Cold Feet Again

Warm Series insoles from Digitsole are the first connected heated insoles designed to keep feet warm. The dedicated application, available on iOS and Android, allows users to connect their insoles to their smartphones via Bluetooth and regulate the temperature inside shoes, between 20°C to 45°C/68°F to 113°F. The insoles are suitable for a variety of cold-weather activities. Warm Series insoles can also provide relief for people with blood circulation disorders or Raynaud’s disease. They are recommended by the American Raynaud’s Association. As an added feature, if the user is inactive, the insoles will stop heating. They will be reactivated once movement results. Additionally, built-in sensors provide activity tracking. These Digitsole insoles are made with antibacterial fabric and are water resistant. They provide strong arch support, a block-heel system to prevent ankle movement, and foot stability while facilitating movement.



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