August 2018

Performance Graphite Orthotic

Foot Management’s latest technology allows engineered nylon to be blended with carbon graphite to produce Performance Graphite. This blend creates a lightweight shell that offers functional control with less bulk. High tensile strength and flexible modulus means Performance Graphite does not fatigue, creep, or settle over time. This material is intended to serve as an ideal combination for flex and function. Foot Management designed the Performance Graphite Orthotic with athletes and low-volume shoes in mind, though it is also easily used with everyday shoes. This material allows the orthotic to cradle the foot, which helps to minimize and equalize excess pressures. Performance Graphite comes in three rigidities: semi-flexible, semi-rigid, and rigid. This orthotic is available in met head, sulcus, and full length, with widths to fit cleats, athletic, street, and dress shoes.

Foot Management

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