May 2019

Finely Crafted AFOs to Meet Virtually any Need

New York OMC offers a host of finely crafted AFOs. The SuperFlex AFO is constructed of durable vegetable dyed leather. A full interface lining cushions and protects fragile skin. The 1/16” super-flexible, molded, integrated AFO allows for dynamic biomechanical function. The medial arch is balanced with 30 shore durometer EVA material for more stability.  Lace, Velcro, boot hooks, or any combination closure allows the patient to don and doff the AFO more easily. Also available is the STI-Dynamic AFO, STI-Dynamic Overlap Joint, BRK-1 AFO, BRX-1 AFO, and QNS-1 AFO. The STI-Dynamic AFO treats indications PTTD, ankle injuries and sprains, medial and lateral ankle instability, subtalar joint instability, sinus tarsi, and foot drop. The STI-Dynamic Overlap Joint features custom molded overlap uprights, three Velcro closures, soft interface lining, high medial and lateral flanges to increase support, and hind foot and forefoot posting. The BRK-1 AFO utilizes rigid, semi-rigid, or flexible reinforcement materials to match the exact diagnosis with the appropriate amount of support required. The BRX-1 AFO is suitable for indications PTTD, charcot deformities, ankle instabilities, abnormal ankle alignment traumatic injury, and arthritis; and is available with lace, Velcro, or boot hooks closure. The QNS-1 AFO is built with a 1” custom padded collar for increased patient comfort and compliance; the flexible-molded integrated AFO allows for dynamic biomechanical function.

New York OMC now accepts scanned files for AFOs.

New York OMC


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