October 2019

9 New Insoles from Tread Labs

Tread Labs is offering 9 new insoles across 3 series: Ramble, Ramble Short, and Ramble Thin; Pace, Pace Short, and Pace Thin; and Dash, Dash Short, and Dash Thin. All the insoles feature precise sizing for an accurate fit and interchangeable 3D-molded top covers. New to the Comfort Series are Ramble Insoles, the company’s softest insole. In the Pain Relief Series, Pace Insoles target plantar fasciitis and other foot pains. Dash Insoles, which are new to the Performance Series, are engineered to be thin and light and are oriented to competitive athletes. The interchangeable top covers can be replaced when needed or swapped to fit different types of footwear. This 2-part system helps consumers save money and reduce landfill waste. Additionally, Tread Labs’ molded arch supports are unconditionally guaranteed forever under the company’s Million Mile Guarantee.

Tread Labs



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