July 2019

Perform Your Gait Analysis Anywhere with F-Scan

In sports and athletics performance assessments, there’s nothing quite like being able to capture quantifiable performance data from the arenas and venues where athletes perform. Force plates and motion capture systems are common gait analysis technologies, but are confined within the walls of a gait lab.

When confirming the offloading effectiveness of an orthotic, or the effectiveness of a rehabilitative treatment program, in-shoe pressure data is essential for understanding a subject’s pressure redistribution.

Tekscan’s F-Scan™ System is the ultimate in-shoe analysis tool used by researchers and clinicians to capture accurate and reliable information for foot function and gait analysis. Featuring flexible sensing technology, which can be trimmed to fit within nearly any size or type of footwear, F-Scan is a far-reaching analysis tool that allows you to take a walk in your subject’s shoes. Learn how you can collect actual in-shoe gait insights that cannot be captured by most gait analysis methods.




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