October 2021


ARIA Home PT features advanced technology that keeps patients actively engaged in their own care and recovery, and care teams fully informed of each patient’s progress. Utilizing a 3D motion tracking technology–based solution for use at a patient’s home, it educates, engages, and guides the patient through their physical therapy (PT) regimen and provides robust data for clinician and physical therapist review including number, duration, and quality of reps on 25 different joints. It further provides the built-in ability for teleconsultation between patients and their clinicians. This interactive experience delivers measurable improvements in patient adherence (35% improvement) and cost reduction—an innovative approach shown to be as safe and effective as traditional physical therapy in a randomized control trial. Further, ARIA Home PT reported decreased readmissions (60%), outpatient visits (86%), home health visits (95%), and urgent care or emergency room visits (30%).


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