April 2021

Partially Plant-Based New Ultrasuede ST for Next-Gen Orthotics

Ultrasuede® is a luxurious, highly functional non-woven fabric with a suede texture. It leverages Toray’s unparalleled fiber technologies to provide ideal solutions for orthotics applications and can even provide added weight-bearing support throughout the gait cycle. The new Ultrasuede ST is a medium-weight material that offers soft, tactile appeal with the sturdy dependability of ultra-fine fiber—making for luxury that is sustainable and soothing to the touch. Soft and resilient Ultrasuede ST is SATRA-tested and approved and has been wear-tested at leading labs across the U.S. Available in a range of formats, this is the ultimate fabric for orthotic tops, bottoms, and virtually any other orthotic application. Features include: made using 30% plant-based polyester, high abrasion resistance, shock-absorbing cushioning properties, elasticity, breathability, moisture absorption/wicking, ultra-smooth edges, washability, and available in 36 colors plus custom-color availability.

Toray Industries



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