July 2019

Edensoles with Dynamic Customization Technology

Edensoles is a plush insole system that utilizes Dynamic Customization, a smart, moldable polymer encapsulated in a polyurethane bladder under the heel and longitudinal arches of the foot that actively adapts to changes of the foot position, step after step. The bladder is sandwiched between an antimicrobial top fabric and a durable polyurethane bottom layer. Edensoles come in two thicknesses. The 8mm version fits comfortably in hiking boots, trekking shoes, and basketball shoes. The 5mm insole fits most running shoes and provides adaptive cushioning even in dress and dress-casual shoe designs. According to the company, Edensoles  offer a unique functional insole that clinicians can use in their arsenal to treat common foot ailments due to foot fatigue and overuse injuries associated with athletics.



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