September 2011

Genium Prosthetic Knee

Otto Bock HealthCare announces the launch of the Genium Bionic Prosthetic System. The prosthetic knee utilizes sophisticated software along with a complex sensor system, including a gyroscope and an accelerometer, to turn multiple environmental inputs into natural, intuitive motion. This new prosthetic technology platform allows wearers to make quick, complex movements, easily step over obstacles, and ascend stairs. The knee also responds instantly to changes in speed and direction, reducing the body strain and the cognitive effort required to move through everyday and challenging activities.

Otto Bock HealthCare


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  1. CJ Yerry says:

    I have one of the remaining original X2 prototypes back again after a second world tour back home to Otto-Bock, fixed, and then back to me and have loved it since the day I put it on a few years ago. Is this the mainstream commercial version of it and if so, were there any modification we asked for put into this version? Is this going to be the new equivalent of the C-Leg and get mass fitted onto future military amputtees coming through the new Besthesda/Walter Reed prosthetics department now? Just wondering when to go start asking them.

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