March 2018

GlideWear Midfoot Protection Sock for Charcot Foot

Tamarack Habilitation Technologies has expanded its GlideWear foot protection sock line with the addition of the Midfoot Protection Sock. Designed to protect the plantar surface of the midfoot, which is at greater risk for ulceration in people with Charcot arthropathy, the sock incorporates SmartKnit’s moisture-wicking technology, seamless toe, and nonbinding top that can accommodate edema. The sock features a patented, low-friction GlideWear zone around the plantar surface of the midfoot to protect the area from the friction and shear that contribute to diabetic foot ulcers, blisters, and calluses. The GlideWear Midfoot Protection Sock is indicated for use with orthotic walking boots, diabetic shoes, custom orthotics, and standard footwear.

GlideWear by Tamarack Habilitation Technologies


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