July 2019

Curbell O&P ProComp Sheet

ProComp Sheet is part of Curbell O&P’s new lineup of O&P materials. ProComp Sheet is an innovative, carbon fiber–reinforced polypropylene material that is 25% stiffer than standard homopolymer polypropylene. Layers of carbon fibers are infused between layers of homopolymer polypropylene, which results in zero carbon fiber strand protrusion when finishing. As a thermoplastic, ProComp is easily adjusted with heat. This makes it easier to fine-tune orthoses and prosthetic check sockets, leading to a more comfortable fit than standard laminated carbon sockets. ProComp also offers improved structural integrity, a high melt strength, less cold flow (creep), and no shrinkage due to carbon fiber. The sheets come in 5 sizes, and are available in 4 thicknesses.

Curbell Plastics



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