August 2012

Boost Compression Socks

Total Vein Systems, a Houston-based medical supply company, recently introduced Boost, its new line of Athletic Compression Therapy. Boost socks are designed to increase blood circulation and enhance oxygen delivery to working and recovering muscles to acceler­ate recuperation and reduce muscle soreness.  Each pair of Boost socks has reinforced calf and shin stitching, Achilles tendon protection, arch support, foot sole cushioning, and anti-slip toe and heel woven with antimicrobial silver coated fibers. In addition to the colors in the Boost product line, custom team colors are also available.

Total Vein Systems

4 Responses to Boost Compression Socks

  1. Susan Bemis says:

    question – are these appropriate for venous insufficiency patients still ambulatory????

  2. Boost Athletic Compression Therapy socks are available in 15-20 and 20-30 mmHg compressions. Compression therapy is designed to apply graduated, external pressure to the leg to reduce venous pressure and is commonly used in the care of patients with venous insufficiency. The athletic style compression sock is a great alternative for active, ambulatory patients.

  3. Hi i like what you say, but do you think that you could get them in Australia ?

  4. angie sheffield says:

    I purchased these socks from a nurse at work and they have saved my legs. they are great for walking and standing all day . They are a little hot sometimes and a little hard to take off, the benefits outweigh the other stuff. Our doctors are even wearing them. I did have a small hole come in the toe, they are a so great I’m going to repair them myself. I’m truly sold.

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