October 2021

Click Reel

Perfecting the fit of prostheses and orthoses just got significantly easier with the release of the new Click® Reel. Click Medical has developed and engineered this device to empower patients to make micro and macro adjustments—it adjusts both forward and backward—of their devices quickly and easily. The reel uses the newly invented Shift® Technology to quickly wind-up slack lace and then automatically “shift” into a power mode to provide fine-tuned fit. The technology also includes a clutch that delivers the ability to prescribe the optimal fit based on the user’s needs, adding safety and convenience. The reel can be tuned by practitioners to repeat tension and prevent over-tightening. And finally, the reel is built with metal components for increased strength, safety, and product longevity, while boasting a 33% lower profile with the transition to metal parts instead of plastic.

Click Medical

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