September 2018

Bonapeda FORS-15 Off-Loading Insole

The new FORS-15 Off-Loading Insole from Bonapeda Enterprises is designed to gently and consistently offload targeted plantar surfaces without edge effects. The multilayered Poron insole is durable, elastic, and crush resistant; soft, low-density Poron is closest to the foot and high-density Poron is underneath for support. 10mm thick Poron plugs can be removed from the bottom to relieve pressure where needed. In a poster at the 2017 APMA Annual Meeting, James McGuire, PT, DPM, CPed, FAPWHc, et al., demonstrated that submetatarsal pressure measurements showed an average pressure reduction of 43.4% when the pixels were removed. The soft, comfortable, and durable Alcantara top cover resists sheer, is bacteria-resistant, and wicks away moisture. The product is available in 7 sizes to fit common post-surgical shoes and boots and can be trimmed as needed. Volume discounts are available.

Bonapeda Enterprises, LLC


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