January 2020

AFO Fashion Cover

Many people who wear AFOs are self-conscious and will only wear long pants, so the AFOs won’t be noticeable. AFOs also limit the type of shoes that can be worn, making it difficult to wear styles like skirts, capris, and boots. Brace for Fashion was borne out of this need—to cover the brace with a trendy, yet classic cover. The user pairs the AFO with a compatible shoe or high-top sneaker, and then zips the cover over the brace. With the cover serving as an accessory, users of the Brace for Fashion system now have the freedom to wear outfits that they might previously had felt self-conscious about. Multiple designs are available. Covers come in small, medium, and large, coinciding with calf circumference (measure the calf with the leg brace on).

Brace for Fashion



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