April 2011

Achilles Contracture Management Orthosis

Pro-Tech Orthopedics offers the Achilles Contracture Management Orthosis as an alternative to serial casting. The total contact ambulatory boot is removable and the angle can be adjusted at the ankle. Patients should be seen weekly to be remeasure and have the angle of the orthosis changed. The heel lift on the orthosis should be reduced according to the increase in dorsiflexion. Once the correction goes beyond 90°, an anterior wedge should be built to keep the tibia-to-floor angle at 90°. Once the desired degree of dorsiflexion is achieved, the orthosis can then be worn at night to maintain the correction.

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  1. Donna Rose says:

    Can any body please advise? I have been using the achilles contracture now for 8wks, every evening for an avg of 1hr 30. I am starting to notice that the following day my knees and thighs constantly ache until I sit down. Is this a normal feeling or am I doing the exercise wrong?

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