June 2021


Motus Nova is a leader in neurorehabilitation technology with a mission to deliver high-quality interventions in every home. Foot drop and other lower extremity deficits contribute significantly to impaired functionality and safety of survivors of neurologic injuries such as stroke. The Motus Foot is an FDA Class I robotic therapeutic system designed to deliver high-intensity, repetitive task practice to improve motor function in individuals in the subacute and chronic care settings. The Motus Foot has been extensively studied in peer-reviewed clinical studies and has been shown to improve gait speed and endurance and increase dorsiflexion muscle force. Moreover, Motus Nova is partnering with clinicians across the country so these systems can be used in a telehealth mode delivery. This extends the reach of their practice and helps providers offer direct access to clinically proven therapies in the comfort of their patients’ homes.

Motus Nova



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