October 2014

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High heels: Elevating the discussion

The biomechanical implications of high-heeled shoes are well known, and now dramatic weight-bearing images and new study findings are taking practitioner and patient awareness to the next level. But many women are still sacrificing their feet for fashion.

By Emily Delzell

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Out on a limb: Fashion sense

High fashion typically means bad news for lower extremity health. But that may be starting to change, and in ways that might surprise you.

By Jordana Bieze Foster


Impact of AFO design on calf circumference

Preliminary research suggests the use of a kinetic return ankle foot orthosis is associated with small but significant short-term increases in calf circumference, which in turn suggests this type of device might reduce or protect against the risk of disuse muscle atrophy.

By Robert H. Meier, CO, BOCO; David C. Ruthsatz, CO, CPA; and Daniel Cipriani, PT, PhD

Clinicians weigh the pros and cons of social media

There is considerable debate in medical circles as to whether healthcare practitioners should embrace social media, but online aficionados say they welcome the opportunity to exchange information, educate, connect, and potentially attract more patients.

By P.K. Daniel

Offloading the diabetic foot: Effects of obesity

Increasing body mass index is associated with significantly increased peak plantar pressures regardless of the type of off­loading device used. However, it is possible to decrease plantar pressures in some regions of the foot with the use of offloading devices.

By Andrew J. Meyr, DPM, FACFAS; Kelly Pirozzi, DPM, AACFAS; and Matthew R. Wagoner, DPM

Functional contributors to outcomes after TKA

The increasing utilization of total knee arthroplasty has led to increased efforts to identify variables that can be modified to help improve postoperative functional outcomes. These risk factors include patient weight, smoking, diabetes, infection, and joint range of motion.

By John Ryan Quinn, MD, and Ran Schwarzkopf, MD, MSc


In the Moment: Rehab

By Greg Gargiulo and Jordana Bieze Foster

Poses for postural stability: Yoga enhances balance in older fallers

Findings of a randomized controlled trial published in the September issue of Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation suggest a 12-week yoga program modified for older fallers may be as effective as tai chi and…

By Greg Gargiulo

Orthoses add no benefit to eccentric calf training for Achilles tendinopathy

Customized foot orthoses are no more effective than sham orthoses for improving pain and function in patients with Achilles tendinopathy when used in combination with eccentric calf exercises, according to research from…

By Jordana Bieze Foster

RCT finds exercise therapy improves pain, function in patients with hip OA

Twelve weeks of exercise therapy can significantly reduce pain and improve function in patients with hip osteoarthritis (OA), according to a randomized controlled trial from German researchers.

By Jordana Bieze Foster

In the Moment: Gait

By Hank Black and Jordana Bieze Foster

Uneven numbers: TAA bests ankle fusion on stairs, inclines

End-stage ankle arthritis patients who receive a newer-generation total joint implant function slightly but significantly better when walking on uneven surfaces than patients who undergo ankle arthro­desis, according to a recent pro­spective study.

By Hank Black

Knee OA patients demonstrate limited range of motion at midfoot and hallux

Moderate to severe medial knee osteoarthritis (OA) is associated with limited range of motion at the midfoot and hallux during barefoot walking—gait alterations that may influence the effects of footwear and orthoses in this…

By Jordana Bieze Foster

Faster running speed increases load at the ankle more than at the knee

Increasing running speed in recreational runners has greater kinetic effects at the ankle than the knee, according to research from Denmark that may have implications for injury prevention.

By Jordana Bieze Foster

Market Mechanics

By Emily Delzell

AAOS releases new guidelines for hip fracture, ACL injury, infant hip dysplasia

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) on September 9 released three new clinical practice guidelines (CPG) featuring evidence-based recommendations for diagnosing and treating hip fractures in patients…

Software suppliers Opie, Futura merge

Company officers for Gaines­ville, FL-based Opie Software and Clearwater, FL-based Futura International announced the merger of their two companies and introduced a new prac­tice network, the Opie Choice Network, in…

Ottobock to support 2016 Paralympics

Duderstadt, Germany-based Ottobock HealthCare announced in September that it will provide technical services for the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

JBIT MedPro system sees strong sales

Missouri City, TX-based JB3 Innovations’ JBIT MedPro lower limb strengthening device has experienced 5000% growth over the past 18 months, the company announced in September.

Kinematix offers wearable O&P tracker

Kinematix, which has a US office in Cambridge, MA, released on October 3 a wearable sensing device that can be embedded in orthotic and prosthetic devices to measure wear-time compliance and provide evidence of clinical efficacy.

CMS adds two OTS knee orthosis codes

The Centers for Medicare and  Medicaid Services (CMS) made effective on October 1 two new off-the-shelf (OTS) knee orthosis codes.

Sigvaris calls for photo contest entries

Peachtree City, GA-based Sigvaris North America launched a photo contest in October to raise awareness of venous issues and promote leg health.

Freedom Innovations knee enters market

Irvine, CA-based Freedom Innovations in September released its new microprocessor knee prosthesis. The Plié 3 Microprocessor Controlled (MPC) Knee is designed to adjust to walking, running, uneven terrain, and occasional water exposure.

AOPA announces new board members

The American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (AOPA) announced in September at its National Assembly in Las Vegas the organization’s newly elected executive committee officers and board members for the 2014-2015 term.

Townsend brace improves knee function

A poster presented at the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (AOPA) National Assembly, held in September in Las Vegas, found that use of a decompressive knee brace from Bakersfield, CA-based Townsend Design significantly…

Echometrix patents ultrasound method

The US Patent and Trademark Office on September 19 awarded Madison, WI-based Echometrix a patent for its ultrasound technology for the dynamic functional analysis of injured and healing tissues.

Dr. Comfort supports cancer research

Milwaukee, WI-based Dr. Comfort is offering the Tonya, a tall, stylish pink slipper for women, and pink versions of its Victory and Victory Plus athletic shoes in honor of October’s Breast Cancer…

Hornfisher joins OHI as channel manager

Ronkonkoma, NY-based Orthotic Holdings, Inc (OHI) announced October 1 that Russell Hornfisher has joined its development team as O&P channel manager.


NZ Manufacturing Catalog

NZ Manufacturing has released its newest catalog of 
resistance exercise products designed for rehabilitation, physical therapy, sports training, and fitness applications. The catalog includes a variety of in-water and dry-land swim training…

Freedom Prosthetic Cover

The Freedom Cover is JAFO’s lightweight prosthetic limb cover that is designed to fit 90% of above-knee amputees. The product is designed to meet the needs of patients who are tired of heavy metallic covers and dislike waiting week…

Redesigned Bunion Bootie

After months of focus group testing, surveying, measuring, and analyzing user feedback, Bunion Booties now have a new design. Bunion Booties are designed for patients who prefer not to undergo surgery or are poor candidates for surgery…

Big Easy Footwear

Orthofeet has introduced the new Big Easy line of stretchable shoes as a solution for patients with medical footwear needs. The washable shoes are available in both men’s and women’s sizes with widths of M, W, XW, and XXW.

Extreme Cold Thorlo Socks

Thorlo introduces its new Extreme Cold foot protection socks, engineered for maximum protection and comfort in the most extreme cold conditions. A cushioned instep and arch help provide a better fit, more support, and less pressure on…

Kydex-Pro Contracture Boot

New from the Leeder Group is the Kydex-Pro ankle contracture boot. Kydex is a strong and relatively hard thermoplastic material, with a hardness of 90 on the Rockwell R scale, but can be easily molded and reformed in the field.

Contact LT Digitizer

Amfit announces the release of the Contact LT for digital casting and design of custom foot orthotics. The Contact LT (or “light”) is smaller and lighter than the full-featured Contact Digitizer, but still sturdy enough for full weight-bearing scans.

Vibration Therapy Wraps

Brownmed introduces the Vibrating Knee and Elbow Wrap and the Vibrating Shin and Calf Wrap—two new products under the Intellinetix brand that harness the power of vibration therapy to help relieve arthritis pain and joint swelling

Quickthotics Insole System

The new Quickthotics Component Insole System from Spenco allows practitioners to dispense high-quality, prescription orthotic devices in the office in less than 10 minutes with no need for glue or a grinding machine.

Genium Protector

Ottobock announces the launch in the US and Canada of the Genium Protector cover for its Genium Bionic Prosthetic System. The Genium Protector cover’s shin component is combined with a protective footshell.

Arcopedico Fall Styles

Arcopedico USA introduces its fall 2014 line of women’s shoe styles. W12 is a school-inspired Oxford trouser shoe that features across-the-arch support to bolster tired feet, a lace-up upper that conforms to the shape of the foot, and an…

ComfortFit Stabilizer Brace

On September 1, ComfortFit Labs released the new ComfortFit Stabilizer Brace. With falls being the leading cause of injury-related morbidity and mortality in older adults, ComfortFit is pleased to offer a product that will increase lower extremity…