August 2009

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Knee OA: Take a load off

From weight loss to exercise to lever arms, effective early interventions can stave off surgery.
By Monica R. Maly, PT, PhD

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Out on a Limb: Thinking big

Obesity is a big problem, one that seems to just keep getting bigger.
by Jordana Bieze Foster


Achilles tears: Angling for optimal outcomes

The optimal immobilization angle for Achilles tendon healing may be smaller than previously thought.
By Walter H. Wray III, MD, Conor Regan, MD, Sagar Patel, BS, Ryan May, BS, and Selene G. Parekh, MD, MBA

Diabetes: Taking steps to prevent amputation

How a Nashville intervention program decreased amputation rates by 40% over a five year period.
By Mark Hinkes, DPM

Rehab speeds return after ACL surgery

At this knee center, return to play is based not on the calendar but on range of motion and strength. By Scott E. Urch, MD, K. Donald Shelbourne, MD, and Heather Freeman, PT, DHS

How cadavers could change your practice

Modeling studies have implications for management of plantar fasciitis, stress fractures and PTTD.
By Erin D. Ward, DPM

Technology: Choosing a digital foot scanner

Digital scanners can save time and money, but only if they provide the clinical information you need.
By Larry Huppin, DPM


In the Moment: Sports Medicine

Plus: Knee and the NFL • Tape takes on exercise
by Jordana Bieze Foster

In the Moment: O&P

Plus: Ankle brace effects Amputee hip strength • Feedback boosts OA bracing by Jordana Bieze Foster

In the Moment: Foot Care

Rehab enhances HV results
Post-op plan medializes weight bearing

Austrian researchers have found that rehabilitation following hallux valgus surgery can significantly improve weightbearing under the first ray, which has long been one of the barriers to full functional recovery.

by Jordana Bieze Foster

Market Mechanics

Market Mechanics: APMA Round-up

Evidence supports foot care products
Companies from across the foot care spectrum got a boost from research presented in July at the annual meeting of the American Podiatric Medical Association in Toronto.


LIMP from G&W

G&W Heel Lift launches the first leg inequality measurement pad. The easy-to-use Leg Inequality Measurement Pad is eight layers of tinted vinyl, each 3 mm thick, for a total of 24 mm or approximately one inch. The layers are easily peeled apart and replaced as needed. This indirect method is a quick and easy way of approximating the amount of structural leg deficiency in patients with severe fractures of the ...

RX24 Quadrastep System

The RX24 Quadrastep system is a biomechanically tailored approach to ready-to-wear orthosis prescription that is designed to yield custom-quality results. Inventor Roberta Nole, MA, PT, CPed,  has created a patented clinical algorithm that identifies and categorizes a patient’s feet into one of 24 foot-types. The RX24 Quadrastep systems takes the concept a step further and simplifies the 24 foot-type medical model into six sub-classifications known as quads, each with its ...

Orthofeet Breathable Shoes

Orthofeet is introducing innovative Women’s shoes that combine chic design with stretchy fit in the forefoot. The shoes feature unique Double Fastening Strap System that allows fastening on either side of the shoe, as well as easy adjustment of the effective length of the strap. The shoes new light weight cushioning soles with Orthofeet’s Ergonomic-StrideTM design enhances comfort, and helps propel the foot forward.

Orthofeet, Inc.

Dynamic Walk

The Dynamic Walk Orthosis is a new dorsiflexion assist AFO constructed of thermomoldable carbon fiber composite. Utilizing high-fatigue life PEEK rods bilaterally as the flexing members, the Dynamic Walk provides substantial dorsi-assist with subtalar inversion and eversion control.  The open heel construction allows for optimal fit and comfort with various shoe types. This high activity design enables freedom of motion and allows for walking, running, climbing stairs and squatting without ...

Medi USA PT Control

Medi USA LP Launches PT® Control

Whitsett, NC, May 20, 2009. Medi USA receives favorable Medicare reimbursement for the PT® Control, which is a knee brace designed to ease the pain and aid in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from significant patella tracking conditions and all indications requiring controlled patella movement with controlled range of knee motion.  “The assignment of reimbursement code L1832 to the PT® Control knee brace means that ...

Advanced Casting Technology Sandals

Advanced Casting Technology offers more than thirty of the most popular styles and colors of Birkenstock® sandals and clogs with new models being added each season.

Levy and Rappel LevyAFO 9.0

Levy and Rappel is committed to providing practitioners with choices. The LevyAFO 9.0 offers four levels of support, seven color options and a choice of closure at any height. The standard 1” padded collar provides maximum comfort.

ThermoTecc Heat Moldable Foot Device System

“Poly Gel® is committed to bringing the most scientifically and technologically advanced products to market.” says Peter Bickel, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “The new ThermoTecc™ heat moldable foot device system is only one of a multitude of innovations on the horizon.”