August 2009

RX24 Quadrastep System

The RX24 Quadrastep system is a biomechanically tailored approach to ready-to-wear orthosis prescription that is designed to yield custom-quality results. Inventor Roberta Nole, MA, PT, CPed,  has created a patented clinical algorithm that identifies and categorizes a patient’s feet into one of 24 foot-types. The RX24 Quadrastep systems takes the concept a step further and simplifies the 24 foot-type medical model into six sub-classifications known as quads, each with its own very specific foot and gait characteristics. Functional foot orthoses corresponding to each quad designation can be stocked in-house for immediate fitting, eliminating the need for costly and messy foot impressions.


One Response to RX24 Quadrastep System

  1. Heather Copple says:

    I am interested in the foot orthotics recommended by my foot surgeon. Are these only available thru certain practitioners, or can I order some for myself on-line or over the phone? Thanks! Heather Copple

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