November 2018

Z-CoiL Relieves Foot, Leg, and Back Pain Immediately

Z-CoiL shoes feature an innovative spring in the heel. Like shock-absorbers for the body, Z-CoiL’s reduce impact by 50%, enabling the wearer to walk, run, and stand for hours in comfort. Now those suffering from foot, leg, and back pain can reduce pain and injury without pills, shots, or surgery. It sounds too good to be true – but it’s not! Over one million pairs of Z-CoiL’s have changed the lives of thousands of Americans. Aside from the pain relief benefits, Z-CoiL’s are built to last. Z-CoiL footwear lasts 2 to 3 times longer than normal footwear – saving users money. Take the fear out of concrete and join the Z-CoiL community who live life without limitations.

Now via special arrangement with LER, get 50% off Z-CoiLs by Calling (800) 268-6239 and talking to Jennifer.



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