August 2020


Stonz fleece-lined winter booties are perfect for babies and early walkers (0–2.5 years) who need soft non-slip shoes for all weather conditions and wide toe boxes for working on balance. The 600D coated nylon construction ensures no cold gets in, and bootie liners are available for extreme cold conditions. Warm and plush, Stonz baby winter booties are wide enough to easily slip on the child’s bare feet, socks, or soft-soled shoes, yet stay securely on thanks to 2 adjustable toggles, which lock the booties on their legs and ankles. The soft form-fitting soles/no heel design helps baby’s developing feet by not manipulating the surface, and the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association certification certifies the product is good for children’s foot health and development. High-quality construction means they are built to last; they are made to be passed down to multiple children. Machine washable.



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