September 2021

Wild Toes Toe Spreaders

Wild Toes are latex-free, flexible toe spreaders made of 100% silicone. This is a great way to help reclaim toe mobility by restoring feet back to their natural shape with consistent use. Go barefoot 15 minutes a day with these toe spreaders to help open feet to a more natural, relaxed state. Wild Toes are designed to improve balance, circulation, and the ability to maintain a proper arch, as well as to reduce foot pain. The silicone form fits around all 5 toes and stretches to fit all foot sizes. The product is washable with light soap and warm water.

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One Response to Wild Toes Toe Spreaders

  1. The evolution of pedal architecture and function in a civilized society aims towards become a Stabilizing, Supportive, Balancing and Foundational Appendage of the Posture as it bears weight and performs tasks over ones lifetime.
    It is not evolving to grasp, hold, push, pull, twist as in the hand. Think Human vs Ape)
    “Wild Toes” devices and going barefoot for the purpose of spreading the toes and making them better at performing hand-like tasks is counter to our evolution and well being.

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