February 2017

VibraCool Vibrational Cryotherapy

VibraCool Vibrational Cryotherapy is a wearable, FDA-cleared pain relief device that provides simple, serious relief for iliotibial band pain, plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis, and other acute and overuse injuries. VibraCool’s Cool-Pulse technology leverages the physiologic pain relievers of high frequency vibration and ice: unique freeze-solid ice packs decrease inflammation, pain, and swelling while vibration reduces muscular stiffness and improves blood flow. Studies show vibration speeds healing and recovery after exercise, and reduces delayed onset muscle soreness when utilized before muscle use. A neoprene compression strap holds the one-push, ten-minute vibration unit, with no messy wires or creams.

MMJ Labs

Toll Free: 877/805-BUZZ (2899)
Fax: 404/963-5075
Website: vibracool.com

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