July 2018

Variable Abduction Hip Alignment Orthosis

Swash, the variable abduction hip alignment orthosis from Allard USA, has a fresh new look. Swash Steady replaces the previous Swash Classic model and Swash Go replaces the previous Swash Low Profile device. Designed with the patient and caregiver in mind, the new designs feature soft, attractive, and durable fabric covers. Both new models include oval abdominal pads with cinch-strap closures for easy symmetrical application, and angled low-profile hip joints to reduce interference with posterior walkers. Each orthosis (except size 1 Steady) features 8mm diameter uprights to control high abductor tone. All devices have low-profile quick-release buckles for easier and faster donning and doffing. Contact Allard USA for a free brochure plus a free 7-in-1 Allen key set.

Allard USA



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