November 2018

The Neuropathic Walker is your solution

The Neuropathic Walker is a more advanced and comfortable solution to the CROW Walker. The Neuropathic Walker is integrated with custom molded 3/16” solid polypropylene and 1/4” Aliplast lining with the same trim lines as a CROW Walker. We use high-quality leather that is molded over the solid polypropylene. A triple density custom insert is included to relieve plantar pressures and increase overall comfort. Multiple closure options such as laces, Velcro’s, boot hooks, or a combination are available. A matching shoe for the contra lateral side with the same pattern stitch design, and heel and sole height is also available. The Neuropathic Walker has seven suggested L-Codes as opposed to the CROW Walker’s three L-Codes. The Neuropathic Walker is meant to be aesthetically appealing while at the same time not compromising functionality.

New York OMC


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