February 2017

Tetra-Flex Clip-Free Bandage

Tetra announces the Tetra-Flex CF (clip free) Woven Elastic Bandage. Tetra-Flex CF is a premium weave of Spandex and selected long-staple cotton providing maximum compression and durability, and its new self-closure system now makes it easy to apply and adjust. Up to this point, only the company’s lighter-weight knit bandages offered the clip-free option. The durable bandage is designed to withstand repeat washings and applications. Available in nonsterile and sterile options in four standard widths (2″, 3″, 4″, and 6″) and a 5.5-yard stretched length and in special stretched lengths of 11 and 15 yards for selected widths.

Tetra Medical Supply Corp.

Toll Free: 800/621-4041
Fax: 847/647-9034
Website: tetramed.com

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