June 2018

ShearBan Low Friction Patches: New Bulk and Retail Options

ShearBan is an ultra-thin, self-adhesive, low-friction patch designed to address friction and shear forces that contribute to blisters, corns, calluses, and diabetic foot ulcers. The patches are applied directly to braces, prosthetic sockets, and footwear where a person is experiencing painful rubbing. Tamarack Habilitation Technologies now offers an expanded line of ShearBan, including four bulk patch configurations, 8 inch x 12 inch sheets for custom trim-to-fit applications, and specialty retail packages for foot blisters and diabetic foot care. The new patch shapes and package options are designed to simplify patch installation for providers and patients while offering clinics the ability to offer ShearBan as a retail cash sale in the clinic or as an online purchase. ShearBan offers a durable, low-cost solution that complements traditional pressure offloading techniques without compromising orthopedic support and correction.

Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.



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