April 2019

Secure Containment and Compression Stockings

Secure containment and compression stockings by Sigvaris Group are indicated for the management of advanced venous edema, lymphedema, post-surgical edema, general edema, and more. Secure has a higher stiffness ratio and a modified, graduated compression profile so that more compression is present moving up the leg compared to traditional graduated compression stockings. Fabrication with double-covered, high-modulus inlay yarns ensures no bare spandex touches and irritates the skin while maintaining the limb profile and minimizing garment fatigue. All garments have a dotted silicone grip-top band. Secure compression stockings are available for women and men. They come in opaque black and opaque beige, with open- and closed-toe and calf- and thigh-high styles. The stockings are offered in regular and full sizes, accommodating up to 40-inch thighs, and 3 compression levels: 20–30mmHg, 30–40mmHg, and 40–50mmHg, the latter of which is available as a made-on-demand product.

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