January 2021

AI and Robotic Rehab System to Predict, Prevent Falls

Movendo Technology’s Silver Index is an artificial intelligence–based algorithm that predicts the risk of falls in adults age 65 and older. The Silver Index takes 30-minutes to administer and is shown to be 95% accurate. Its machine-learning algorithms can analyze 130 biomechanical and clinical parameters with the patient in seated and standing positions while simulating static and dynamic perturbative elements responsible for falls. The evaluations are divided into 7 exercises including limits of stability and balance and sit-to-stand. Based on the resulting personalized risk of fall map derived, training suggestions are provided by Movendo’s hunova programmable robotic rehabilitation system for both objective, functional evaluation and therapy. The hunova system offers 30 protocols and 200 exercises for postural control, balance, core stability, and proprioception. In orthopedics, it can be used for trunk, hips, knee, and ankle treatments.

Movendo Technology


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