September 2010

Sano Body Shaping Shoes

Mephisto has introduced Sano brand footwear, designed to promote a better physique and improved body shape. An integrated power stimulator provides shock-absorption with a built-in stimulator that propels the foot forward. According to the company, the heels, spine, and joints benefit from the patented technology because of reduced shock to these areas. A multi vibration system is also incorporated in the design. Positioned in the forefoot part of the shoe, the technology creates a slight instability that is counteracted by the abdominal, leg, and buttock muscles, thus stimulating those muscle groups. The shoes are available in multiple men’s and women’s styles.



One Response to Sano Body Shaping Shoes

  1. real says:

    Sano shoes run 1/2 size or more smaller than marked size.//**These shoes have nubs that ssquish into a gel- all inside the sole. I AM ACTIVE AND HAVE HAD MANY ACTIVE JOBS, AND HAVE SOME OLD INJURIES-THESE ARE ABSOULUTELY THE BEST ORTHOPEDIC SHOES I HAVE EVER WORN- MY FEET AND BODY ARE PROTECTED AND I CAN STAND UP AND MOVE QUICKLY FOR 8 HOURS AND MORE–NO PAIN AT ALL!!!!! These should be sold for government issue and to nursing schools and any other place for absolute comfort on cement

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