September 2010

Sano Body Shaping Shoes

Mephisto has introduced Sano brand footwear, designed to promote a better physique and improved body shape. An integrated power stimulator provides shock-absorption with a built-in stimulator that propels the foot forward. According to the company, the heels, spine, and joints benefit from the patented technology because of reduced shock to these areas. A multi vibration system is also incorporated in the design. Positioned in the forefoot part of the shoe, the technology creates a slight instability that is counteracted by the abdominal, leg, and buttock muscles, thus stimulating those muscle groups. The shoes are available in multiple men’s and women’s styles.



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One Response to Sano Body Shaping Shoes

  1. real says:

    Sano shoes run 1/2 size or more smaller than marked size.//**These shoes have nubs that ssquish into a gel- all inside the sole. I AM ACTIVE AND HAVE HAD MANY ACTIVE JOBS, AND HAVE SOME OLD INJURIES-THESE ARE ABSOULUTELY THE BEST ORTHOPEDIC SHOES I HAVE EVER WORN- MY FEET AND BODY ARE PROTECTED AND I CAN STAND UP AND MOVE QUICKLY FOR 8 HOURS AND MORE–NO PAIN AT ALL!!!!! These should be sold for government issue and to nursing schools and any other place for absolute comfort on cement

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