September 2019

Rebound Foot-Up AFO

Össur’s new Rebound Foot-Up is a lightweight ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) that offers dynamic support for foot drop or related disorders that require dorsiflexion support. The AFO supports ankle dorsiflexion during swing phase. Dynamic support is provided by an elastic strap connected to the shoe by a transparent plastic inlay placed between shoelaces, or by a nut and bolt fastened through the eyelets. Clinicians can position the dorsiflexion support on the medial or lateral side, allowing for individualized support. When using the plastic inlay, the dorsiflexion support becomes neutral. The Rebound Foot-Up Ankle Cuff has a smart clamp that holds the cuff in place and facilitates 1-handed donning and doffing. An optional Rebound Foot-Up Foot Wrap can be used when barefoot or in open shoes or sandals. The ankle cuff and foot wrap are made from breathable, hand-washable material.



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