July 2009

ProLab’s P3 Functional Prefab

ProLab P3 Prefab Meets the Current Market Demands

ProLab offers a unique line of functionally-corrected prefabs, backed by the advanced technology and evidence-based research used in ProLab’s custom products, to meet  the growing demand for high quality prefabricated orthoses.  ProLab’s P3 Functional Prefabs consist of a functionally-corrected semirigid polypropylene shell with a 2mm medial heel skive, 14mm heel cup, 3° forefoot valgus correction, and either a 4/4 rearfoot post (P3 posted)  or a 0/0 spot grind (P3 unposted). They can be used to replace low-Dye strapping, predict custom orthotic efficacy, or to treat or prevent overuse injuries such as plantar fasciitis, hallux limitus, and metatarsalgia. An optional topcover can be added.

ProLab Orthotics/USA

2 Responses to ProLab’s P3 Functional Prefab

  1. Leslie says:

    O.K., but where do you buy them because I have been trying to find them and am not having any luck!

  2. Linda says:

    Wish the orthotics were available online. Went to the foot doc and got my first pair. Now when I want to order a second pair, they are not available.

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