June 2018

Pro Select Full Shell Pneumatic Walker

The Pro Select Full Shell Air Walker from Elite Orthopaedics, Inc.features a full circumference shell design that provides controlled immobilization of the lower leg, ankle, and foot. A breathable insole, featuring patent-pending technology, allows for air to circulate to prevent the accumulation of heat during patient usage. Small perforations work to prevent humidity and help heat escape. A soft, flexible front panel connector with multi-level adjustability encourages a customized fit. An ultra-low heel height, in conjunction with a rocker bottom sole, helps to achieve a more natural gate pattern and reduces pelvic tilt, which mitigates secondary hip and back pain during use. Easy pneumatic control is achieved via a tool-free, fully integrated air pump and release valve. The inflatable air chamber completely embraces the foot from ankle joint to midfoot with an adjustable and removable toe guard, which serves to provide additional protection.

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