October 2019

Duraflex O&P Material

For applications that require a harder and stiffer consistency than its OP-TEK Flex Family of EVA sheet, Curbell O&P, a division of Curbell Plastics, now offers Duraflex. Like OP-TEK Flex, Duraflex is designed to enhance patient comfort when used as a flexible inner liner for rigid prosthetic socket frames. The new material is available in natural (semi-transparent) and black. When incorporated into an orthosis, the material bends with the patient, enhancing comfort at trim lines. Hygienic and non-toxic, Duraflex is both crack and tear resistant, and it has excellent bonding properties. Duraflex is available in custom cuts and cut-to-size pieces. Stocked materials typically ship in 2 to 5 business days.

Curbell Plastics



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