October 2019

OS1st WP4 Wellness Performance Socks

OS1st WP4 Wellness Performance Socks are the latest innovation in ING Source’s Socks with Purpose Program. The WP4s are strategically designed for individuals who suffer from diabetes, sensitive feet, edema, neuropathy, and poor circulation. They feature four zones of graduated compression to help boost circulation, reduce friction, and provide overall foot support. The newly introduced nano-bamboo charcoal material makes the socks extra durable and ultra-soft. The socks are constructed with seamless technology featuring non-binding comfort. The midfoot arch support structure provides the wearer’s feet the additional stability needed to keep moving and stay moving longer. Extra toe and heel padding helps to reduce pain and friction. Designed with moisture-wicking material, the WP4s keep feet dry, thereby minimizing the risk for infections and skin irritation.

ING Source



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