January 2021

Protonics T2 Left-Leg Exoskeleton for Muscle Imbalance

The Protonics T2 intelligent exoskeleton is designed to be used on a person’s left leg to minimize right-side dominance, prevent muscle tightness and pain, and promote a balanced biomechanical state. The system uses the Protonics resistance approach, state-of-the-art sensors, wireless communication, embedded processors, haptic/visual alerts, and an onboard power supply, allowing for progression through a training program without the need for supervision. Users power-up the Protonics T2 exoskeleton, set the resistance level, and then start the T2 Software App on their mobile device to provide guidance through the different exercises and the setting of resistance levels; monitor body position and provide live haptic/visual feedback as to the correct position and other variables while performing exercises; and record the individual’s performance, including good versus bad repetitions and other variables.




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