February 2011

OrthoPro HyperEx Knee Brace

Ongoing Care Solutions offers the OrthoPro HyperEx knee brace for control of knee hyperextension and genu recurvatum. The light weight, easy to apply OrthoPro HyperEx Knee features a low profile and conforms to leg anatomy, minimizing migration. Along with a hyperextension strap, the Swedish knee cage type brace is engineered with an adjustable air bladder which reduces forces at the knee that can be associated with other recurvatum knee braces, thus improving gait and patient comfort. The brace comes in three sizes (small, medium, large) to accommodate thigh circumferences from 10 to 27 inches.

Ongoing Care Solutions

One Response to OrthoPro HyperEx Knee Brace

  1. Mel says:

    I am looking at your Hyper Ex knee brace for a patient that is Aprox 30 degrees Hyper extended

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