October 2020

Motus Smart Diabetic Foot Stabilization and Offloading System

According to the 2019 International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot (IWGDF) guidelines, the preferred treatment for neuropathic foot ulcers is a non-removable knee-high offloading device, either a total contact cast (TCC) or a removable walker rendered (by the provider fitting it) irremovable. Motus Smart Powered by Sensoria is the first smart footwear system to meet that criteria and provide Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), quantified patient adherence, and activity data. When made non-removable, efficacy is on par with the TCC. The RPM system is comprised of proprietary hardware sensors and software to monitor patient adherence to offloading and patient activity, Sensoria Core microelectronics: 9-axis IMU, dedicated mobile application, and a clinician dashboard providing a more meaningful patient-clinician interaction and potential escalation of care (i.e., the clinician is able to make the boot non-removable). Motus Smart L-Code 4386 PDAC verified and reimbursable. It is a Class one FDA-registered medical device.

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