September 2011

Kiddythotics in Seven Sizes

ProLab Orthotics’ pathology-specific prefabricated Kiddythotics are designed to correct function in hypermobile pediatric flexible flatfoot deformity. The evidence-based design of the Kiddythotics incorporates a deep heel cup, medial flange, medial heel skive, and a rearfoot post into the rigid polypropylene shell. ProLab has recently added a larger size (Kiddy G-Grey), and now has seven color-coded sizes for the developing foot. Sizer sets, containing one Kiddythotic in each of the seven sizes, are available to ensure accurate foot measurement and sizing prior to dispensing.

ProLab Orthotics


One Response to Kiddythotics in Seven Sizes

  1. Ike Broach, CPed says:

    I would like to obtain one of your Sizer Sets for kids. Please send me the info/cost etc.

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